How This Site Can Help You Enjoy a Happy Relationship With Your Partner - or Find a Partner Who's Right for You, if You're Single

"Our mission is to help you have a fulfilling relationship, or to help put you on the right path to improving your current relationship with your partner or spouse"

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Being in love does not have to be a struggle. Your relationship does not have to be filled with anxiety, quarrels and misunderstandings.

No matter what kind of relationship you’ve had up to now – or if you’re simply tired of being “on the shelf” – it is possible for YOU to have all the love, happiness and confidence you could ever want.

If you’re feeling totally overwhelmed by all the confusing and conflicting information out there, you’re not alone. The information on this site has been inspired by the teachings of experienced relationship coaches, such as James Bauer, Felicity Keith, Slade Shaw, Michael Fiore, Amy North, Debra Aros and Lee Baucom, Ph.D.

Lee Baucom, the author and developer of Save the Marriage, says that the general belief that a relationship cannot be saved unless both people want to save it is just plain wrong, and he has thousands of marriages he’s helped bring back from the brink of divorce to back up his claim.

Sessions with a marriage counselor can run as high as $200 per hour. Many people look online for more affordable solutions.

Whether you’re married or single, there are steps you can take to live the life of your dreams with a partner who adores you – only you.

Barry Richardson, Webmaster

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