How to Make a Guy Chase You, Using Male Psychology

How to Make a Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

Discover How to Make a Guy Chase You, Using Male Psychology Tricks

Article inspired by Debra Aros, author of “Mesmerizing Phrases

What you are about to learn is sure to have a positive effect on your life. You’ll discover how to make a guy chase you, using male psychology. The psychological “tool” you’ll be using will be simple texts that you can send to any man. One simple question will make him totally addicted to you, even if he’s not talking to you right now.

You will be the greatest addiction he’s ever had, hands down!

How to make him crave you over text

Once you’ve reached this point, you’ll have a special place in his heart. Nothing you say would make him love you less. If you do this correctly, you will be number one on his list of favorite things in the world.

It will become something of a permanent habit for him to end his sentences to you with “I love you”.

This might sound impossible right now, especially if it’s your ex-boyfriend who has turned his back on you. However, as you progress through this adventure, you’ll become increasingly aware that it’s possible to turn him around.

How will you become his Ultimate Addiction?

You must be wondering by now how all this is even going to be possible. It’s really much simpler than it might seem, and it starts with a very basic question:

What is it that makes a man tick?

And the simple answer is: Challenge.

Men are driven to be hunters. They are driven to be protectors. They want to be the hero in the story of the world. But above everything else, they want to be challenged.

When a man encounters something that poses a serious but conquerable challenge, it can give him a continuously-rewarding emotional feeling. The challenge will become for him a continuously-emotionally-rewarding reality.

How best to explain this?

Let’s consider for a moment some hobbies that many men enjoy: Flashy sports cars darting down the road, movies filled with gory violence and massive explosions, smoking guns taking down victims in mafia epics.

When you consider stereotypical images like these, what do you think it could be that makes a man not only want to see but actually experience those things in the first place? What is it that makes these images stimulate a man’s mind so much that he’s compelled to seek them out over and over again as if for the very first time?

It’s all about the Feeling

The answer lies in the specific way it makes him feel.

What motivates a man to seek out hobbies like these? The answer lies in the basic nature of the feeling that these things give him.

To understand this better, you need to take a step outside of yourself for a moment. Enter the reality of a man who is totally captivated by action-packed movie sequences, fast cars and smoking guns. Things like these give him a boost of a wonderful little something called adrenaline.

You will remember that adrenaline is the hormone that gives us a quick boost when we need to react in a dangerous situation or in response to powerful emotional stimuli. Every time a man is imagining or thinking of any of those stereotypical male obsessions, he gets a super-fast-acting dose of adrenalin released into his bloodstream.

Now even though you, as a woman, are not a flashy sports car or the latest model in hunting rifles, you can create the same adrenaline rush. The problem is that many women just don’t know how to go about it in a way that is both effective and naturally sustainable.

It’s easy to assume that it’s enough to appear sexually attractive to stimulate a man. However, you’re not going to gain his endless attention that way. This requires something on a more intimate level.

Your purpose is to not just visually stimulate a man. Simply put, you must learn what few women know: how to keep a man constantly emotionally fervent over an extended period of time.

How to keep a man on an emotional “high” for you?

How to make him chase after you againTo accomplish this, you will need to use a secret tool we call “Mesmerizing Phrases“. These are phrases that can emotionally stimulate a man to feel intense feelings of love for you when he reads them.

Want to try an experiment on a guy you fancy but seems hopelessly “out of reach”?

Watch this video and use the 3 simple mesmerizing phrases to text your guy. First, his heart will begin to race… then his breathing will speed up. And suddenly, he will experience countless different feelings of heartfelt love that will make him want to capture you, possess you and make you his forever.

How to make him chase you in a relationship

How to Make a Guy Chase You, Using Male Psychology
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