My Wife Wants a Divorce: How Can I Change Her Mind?

My wife wants a divorce

Article inspired by Brad Browning, author of Mend The Marriage

My Wife Wants a Divorce – What Can I do?

The dreaded words you thought you’d never utter: “My wife wants a divorce!” Do you get the feeling that your marriage is at a crossroads? Are you suspecting that your wife might be wanting to opt out of the marriage? If so, this message is for you. I’ll describe what signals you should look out for that would indicate that your wife is considering divorce. I’ll also explain how you can stop it and begin fixing your marriage.

Signs That Your Wife Might Be Thinking of Divorce

Let’s start with the first sign you should look out for…

1. Quarreling about anything and everything

How to save my marriage Sure, we all know that arguing more often and more passionately with your spouse leaves no doubt that all is not well with your marriage. However, if you and your wife are just having a couple of verbal clashes a week is no cause for panic.

It’s normal for any married couple to have conflicts and disagreements from time to time. In fact, it’s “good for the soul” to bicker now and then, as long as problems are soon resolved or there are no lingering hard feelings.

Now, when quarrels tend to flare up almost daily about practically anything, that’s when things become riskier. When arguments about trivial issues happen frequently and are blown way out of proportion, your marriage could be moving in the wrong direction.

Generally speaking, when couples who have otherwise-wholesome marriages argue too often, they can fix this problem comparatively easily. So, if you and your wife often quarrel or fight over minor things, you have to find out how to prevent those pointless arguments from happening in the first place. It would be much more constructive to process important disagreements in a civilized manner.

This excellent video by marriage expert, Brad Browning, is loaded with tips on how to argue more effectively:

A potentially more serious sign of a toxic marriage is when one or both parties no longer make any effort to find a solution to the problem. This leads us to the second sign:

2. Lack of will to resolve a conflict

If it seems that your wife no longer cares how a fight turns out or she feels that it’s pointless to try to find a solution, that could indicate deeper concerns. When this kind of anguish gets hold of her, she may become still more remote. She might feel that the two of you might never be able to live together in peace.

Obviously, that is not a good thing. If this has become a problem in your own marriage, you need to work on it.

3. Loss of affection and lack of emotional connection

If your wife no longer shows affection towards you and has become withdrawn, that could be a strong indication that she’s mentally departing from the marriage.

Besides a general lack of emotional connection, often identified with it is a lack of interest in discussing or showing feelings and emotions. This is some of the strongest evidence that a marriage is going backward. However, it’s usually more a symptom than a core issue. Resolving the root problems in your marriage can work as a foundation on which you can re-establish the emotional connection and get your wife on the path to being affectionate again.

If you’re recognizing this symptom or any of the other signs mentioned here, act now to stop your marriage degrading any further. Brad’s video gives you 3 techniques that can help you repair your marriage – even if your wife isn’t interested right now.

4. Having sex rarely or not at all

Passion and attraction that lasts Lack of interest in sex can be an indication of other problems in your marriage. If there’s no emotional connection and you’re always fighting, the sex is going to depart as well.

However, sex can be a problem in its own right. Whether it’s caused by loss of attraction or diminishing sex drive, it could lead to a marriage crisis.

Whichever way it goes, a sexless marriage is usually a marriage on the road to divorce. If your wife keeps making excuses or has lost interest in sex, it’s a clear indication of problems in your marriage.

5. Your wife seems distracted or spends more time away

If your wife is showing less interest in spending time together or is staying out late more often, it may be an indication that she’s unhappy with how things are at home. Her aloofness may indicate that she’s mentally preparing for a life on her own – or possibly even dating.

We hope that’s not the case but the possibility is there. Don’t jump to conclusions and accuse her of this just because she’s spending less time at home. She may be mentally wrestling with the decision to end the marriage.

I Think My Wife Wants a Divorce – What Now?

Let’s first be clear about one thing: just because your wife might be displaying one or more of the symptoms you just read about doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s thinking of filing for divorce. They may simply be indications that there’s trouble waiting to happen in your marriage down the line.

If you’ve noticed a number of these signals from your wife recently and you feel that your marriage has gone off-track, you need to take action to prevent things from getting any worse.

The best thing you can do right now is to watch Brad’s video (if you haven’t done so yet!) and listen to his advice on what to do to get your wife to fall back in love with you.

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Wife wants a divorce
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