Should I Keep the Lights On or Off During Sex?

Should i keep the lights on or off during sex

Article inspired by Felicity Keith, author of The Language of Desire

“Should I Keep the Lights On or Off During Sex?”

Should you have the lights on or off during sex? If you’re one of those women who like to turn off the lights before nookie, you’d better read on…

Every day we hear about the importance of looking good. It comes as no surprise that so many of us become critical of ourselves. The trouble is, when you feel unsure about something, you’re naturally inclined to conceal it, not put it out there on display!

However, revealing is exactly what you should be doing, and you’ll soon see why…

When you’re getting busy with your man, do it with the lights on… in broad daylight, even. Let him consume your body with his eyes…

Why, you might ask?

keep lights off during sexMen are highly stimulated by what they see; they are decidedly visual beings. Giving him the ability to see how much pleasure you’re getting from him will send his mind into sexual overdrive.

Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Granting him the privilege of adoring and titillating your body fuels his ego.

This is the number one reason why you should keep the light on during sex. Nothing turns him on as much as knowing that you’re relishing his prowess and he’s giving you an amazing sexual experience. The lack of cellulite on your buttocks or the flatness of your tummy will be insignificant in comparison!

He wants to feel that he’s taking you to the pinnacle of ecstasy. If you are too engrossed in keeping yourself covered, you won’t be able to give in to the delightful sensations that are happening. If you feel too insecure about allowing certain positions, that will definitely affect how he feels about your degree of interest.

Let Him Watch the Show

2. Granting him the ability to watch himself have sex with you will be intoxicating for him.

Two of his senses will be involved here (three, if you are moaning or talking dirty). Besides getting to physically feel how incredible the sex is, he gets to watch how amazing it is, as well. It’s a double-dose of hotness for him. His brain will go into overdrive with all the released endorphins and other incredible “feel-good” chemicals that make things feel insanely amazing.

Additionally, “in full color” will be like watching his own personal “naughty” movie, especially in positions like “doggy-style”, where he’ll have a front-row view of the action taking place. TIP: Why not strategically place a mirror so that he can take in the show?

It’s understandable that you might find the idea scary to put everything on display. However, this is what you need to remember: He’s not judging you NEARLY as much as you’re judging yourself.

He’s much more focused on enjoying the erotic view of himself having sex with you than noting how much cellulite you have. (Wow! There I am having sex with a naked woman!)

Here’s another thing to remember: If he tells you that you’re beautiful, believe him. Don’t start listing your flaws or belittling yourself. Let him know that you appreciate his admiration.

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Should I keep the lights on or off during sex
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