What Every Girl Wants to Hear from a Boy

What every girl wants to hear from a boy

Article inspired by Brian Robbens, creator of “Respark The Romance

What Every Girl Wants to Hear from a Boy She Cares About

How to rekindle a broken relationshipWords have immense power. They can strengthen – or ruin – a relationship. The things you say to your girlfriend can boost her confidence and self-esteem, bring the two of you closer together and improve your relationship. Read on to discover what every girl wants to hear from a boy she cares about.

It can make a huge difference in your relationship if you put some thought into your words. In fact, knowing the right things to say to the woman in your life can make a good relationship amazing.

Don’t be frugal with compliments! Know what to say to her, and the right time to say it. Here are 10 things she would love to hear you say:

1. “You’re so beautiful”

This you can say at any time when she’s not expecting it or trying to look beautiful. It’s especially powerful when she hears this first thing in the morning when she wakes up.

When she’s not wearing makeup, tell her she’s beautiful. If she comes in all grubby from working in the garden and gives you a warm smile, tell her she looks charming.

It’s not only about the way she looks; when you’re in love with someone, you’ll see beauty in the things she does. If she’s doing something she loves, take a moment to appreciate the beauty in that and tell her how beautiful she looks.

How to be romantic to your girlfriend

2. “You Look Incredible”

Every woman loves knowing that her man finds her attractive. She’d be especially appreciative when he notices that she dressed up. It would boost her confidence in herself as well as in your relationship.

Use this line when you’re going out on a date or a special occasion, trying on clothes or when she’s just trying to look nice. And if you notice she’s wearing a new perfume, tell her she smells delicious.

3. “You Know What I Love About You?”

We all enjoy hearing what others like about us. Your lady would be especially pleased to hear what you specifically love about her.

This is a fun question because it’ll get you thinking about all the little things that make you adore her, and then you can tell her. Be specific. What exactly do you love about her? The way she laughs? Her brilliant smile? The way she cooks? The way she listens intently when you speak?

4. “You’re One Smart Lady!”

Women enjoy being complimented not only on their looks. Imagine that she suggests a solution to a problem and you realize it’ll help. Tell her, “You’re a sharp thinker!” or words to that effect. Even if it’s just something simple, show your appreciation for her observation.

5. “We’re in this Together”

It’s always good to hear when someone backs you up. If there’s something she needs to deal with, your backing can make things so much easier for her. She’ll be assured that you’re committed to her and helping her.

You can say this when she’s confronting an issue with a friend or colleague, her family, financially or even health-wise.

6. “You’re Right”

It’s human nature to argue a point, even if we start to doubt it. Even show your partner that you value her, we’ll continue to push our opinion. At other times, we might realize that the other person is correct but we wouldn’t credit it.

Communication is vitally important in a relationship. You need to show your partner that you value her. When she’s correct, let her know it.

how to romance your woman

You don’t have to reserve this phrase for an argument; you can use it when she makes a suggestion about something you’re doing. Just say, “Hey, you’re right – that’s a good idea.”

Remember, when you’ve disagreed with her, then realized she’s right, go ahead and tell her so, too! It will stop an argument before any damage is done. Most likely she’ll mellow and try to see things from your perspective, too.

7. “I’m proud of you”

Alternatively, “I’m proud to be your guy!” She will love you all the more when she hears this!

It means the world to know that your partner is proud of you. A man needs respect but a woman also needs to know that her partner is proud of her and proud to have her in his life.

You can tell her you’re proud of her when she does something extraordinary, when she earns an award or just when it takes your fancy.

8. “What Do You Think?”

Alternatively, “Can you give me your perspective on this?” A woman will love it when you show that you care about what she thinks and ask her opinion. She will appreciate that you ask her advice, and will appreciate it even more when you accept hers.

You’ll score big for including her in decision-making when you don’t need to but want to.

9. “You’re the One for Me”

When you want to melt her heart, say this one! It shows her your love, your adoration and – most importantly for her – your commitment.

This is one of those utopian things that can really bring you closer together and makes her feel she’s in love with you, even if you’ve been together for years.

10. “I Need You”

How to be romantic with your girlfriendThis is one of the sweetest things you could say to your lady. It’s a way to let her know how much she means to you. She will always be happy to hear that you love her, but sometimes it’s nice to know that you need her, too. This tells her that she’s a part of you.

Hearing phrases like this at the most appropriate times is bound to make her eyes sparkle. Try some of these during the next week or two and watch what happens in your relationship.

This is just a small sample of what you can do to spice up your relationship. For some serious supercharging, you should check out Respark The Romance, by relationship author, Brian Robbens. You’ll thank yourself later!

What every girl wants to hear from a boy
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