What to Text an Ex-Boyfriend to Get Him Back

What to Text an Ex-Boyfriend to Get Him Back

Article inspired by Brad Browning, author of The Ex-Factor Guide

What to Text an Ex-Boyfriend to Get Him Back?

So you’ve suffered a breakup with your boyfriend and you’re longing to get him back? One of the easiest things you can do to get him back is to send him some simple text messages from your cell phone. Yes, it actually is possible to text your ex-boyfriend back, but the timing is crucial.

It might sound ludicrous but really it’s not. Many women around the world have learned how to effectively text their exes back – even when they believed it was impossible to restore any kind of romance with their ex-boyfriend. Read on to discover what to text an ex-boyfriend to get him back, and when.

Text Your Ex-Boyfriend Back With Messages He Can’t Ignore

How to get your ex boyfriend back fastToday you’re going to receive some tips on how you can give your ex no choice but to come running back to you. You’re going to send him 3 simple text messages.

But remember, when you send them is as important as WHAT you send. At the end of this article you’ll be told exactly when to send these messages.

1st Text: the “I’m OK” text message:

“Hello, ____, I just want to let you know that I think it was a good idea for us to break up and I’m OK with that. I’m hoping that we can stay friends. Talk to you soon.”

This is a great text message because it communicates all the right intents. Firstly, you’re letting him know that you were totally OK with the breakup (you want to make him believe this right now). Saying this is pretty much like telling him that you could easily do without him… and this will subconsciously drive him crazy.

By portraying the role of “just a friend” right now, you will be planting potent “seduction seeds” that will eventually germinate into sexual thoughts about you again – and he’ll be yours once more. More about this later.

2nd Text: the “No Communication” message:

“I agree. It’s best that we don’t talk right now but I’d like us to be friends ultimately.”

This message is a little advanced and you also need to know exactly when to send this one. As with the previous message, you’re conveying to him that you don’t really need to talk to him. Essentially, you’re telling him that you don’t really need him to be a part of your life any more. By doing so, you’re giving him the message that you want to “move on”… you will be tricking him into thinking that he’s actually lost you!

3rd Text: the “Jealousy” text:

“I’m loving the fact that we decided to start seeing other people. I really want to be just friends right now!”

When he reads words like this, he’ll believe that you’re actually seeing other men right now… which is sure to make him jealous. This is a good thing. By reading this, he will understand that you are actually wanted by other men. Remember, men are attracted to women who other men find desirable. By saying that you’re already dating around, it’s like telling him, “It’s your loss, dude!”

Warning: you can’t just send off these texts to him and expect excellent results. You need to have a “plan of attack”. You should send these messages at a time when he’s most likely to take them seriously. Only then will you induce a “fear of loss” within him, and he’ll begin to feel attraction for you.

How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Want You Again

Don’t worry about what your present situation is or how miserable your life has been since the two of you broke up. Watch the video below by relationship coach, Brad Browning. It will provide some useful tips that you can start applying immediately.

How to get your ex boyfriend to want you back

What to Text an Ex-Boyfriend to Get Him Back
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