Why Do I Attract the Wrong Guys?

Why do I attract the wrong guys

Article inspired by Bob Grant, L.P.C., author of “The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave

Always Attracting Losers? Here’s Why – and how to Stop!

Why Do I attract the Wrong Guys?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I attract the wrong guys every time?” Well, some women always seem to be dating “loser” men who end up breaking their hearts and leaving them in tears. These women could have avoided such emotional trauma if they’d known how to recognize the signs of a dubious character.

Defining a “Loser Man” Partner

You could refer to a “loser” man as one who is completely absorbed in himself and cares little for a woman’s needs. He typically has a habit of charming women with the intention of luring them into the nearest bed. He will wine and dine them, tell them how beautiful they are and how fortunate he is for having met them. These men are experts at what they do because they’ve had so much experience!

In the early stages of a relationship, these men are wonderful. In time, however, they generally become more distant and less attached to their partner. Some won’t return calls and others might cancel dates. Some might even “forget” their wallet, leaving their date to pay for the meal.

Have you ever involved yourself with a man like this? Perhaps he never told you he loved you or changed the subject whenever you brought up the topic of commitment?

how to make him crave you over text

Intensity vs. Reliability

Most often, women (and men, too) tend to confuse emotional excitement with dependability. When they meet someone who excites them or makes them feel amazing, they conclude that he is “right” for them – a good man. The problem is, their assumptions are wrong!

What can get you into hot water is that the intensity of your emotions can cause you to ignore unsavory or illogical behavior that you would have clearly seen if you had not been so emotionally involved.

Attracting a Dependable Partner

Realize this: You are not dating the wrong guys – you are choosing the wrong guys!

The majority of women seem to think that, if they want a wonderful relationship, all they need to do is find the right man. They see other women – who are often much less attractive than they – have no problem getting a “hot” man. It makes them wonder what their secrets are, that they can so easily find and keep a man like that.

The truth is, the women who have those wonderful relationships didn’t necessarily have any special knowledge of where to find good men. So how, then, did they get their men? The simple answer is…

They Attracted Them!

How do you think they attracted men who were “right” for them? The best way to find out is for a man to tell you what the secrets are to a man’s heart.

No, having a flawless body is not one of them – it’s not nearly as important as you’ve been led to believe. You can find all the information you need to attract and keep a man in Bob Grant’s ebook, “The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave“. If you’d like to have a free preview of the ebook, click the link below.

Is there a way to easily attract men who are appealing as well as reliable? How can a woman like you discover how to captivate a man in such a way that she will never be mistreated?

“How can I transform myself into a woman who men respect and adore?”

Thankfully, the very information you need certainly is available – and it’s just mouse-click away:

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Why do I attract the wrong guys
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